FRIDAY Feature: 3AM

You're different, my dear - you have a gift. While others just turn their head, You lie awake, frozen at night, afraid to leave your bed. I try not to scare you, but please remember, I only get a short time to roam the halls, the rooms, the house - all of it used to... Continue Reading →

Home Alone (HER series)

"Okay, let's go!" My mom shouted from the mudroom. "Remember your riding boots!" I had a hard time swallowing the grin that crept across my face. I could not believe it was actually happening! My parents were going to finally let me stay home alone while they went to the barn for my sisters' riding... Continue Reading →

FRIDAY Feature: “Bobby”

The information provided in this week's feature can be found in public records, therefore the names have not been changed. Read at your own risk. ... In the spring of 1989, Robert Earl Jines — a 19-year-old migrant worker— and his girlfriend traveled from where they lived in Lakeland, Florida to Estillfork, Alabama for a... Continue Reading →

FRIDAY Feature: “13 Curves”

Just imagine- it's late at night. You're alone in your car. The music is on to keep you company. You're driving home from a friend's house and you're kicking yourself for staying out so late. It's almost always foggy, but tonight's fog is like no other. Thick and blinding, your little headlights can barely cut... Continue Reading →

The Mirror (HER series)

It seemed like the whole house shook as we heard the large crash. It came in the middle of the night and startled us awake. My sister and I lay still in our beds. With our eyes locked on one another's, we held our breaths to hear whatever we could. First came the footsteps, loud... Continue Reading →

The perfect setting…

As a young girl, one of my best friends told me that we HAD to hold our breath when her mother drove us past the large cemetery in our town. If we didn't, there was a chance we could breathe in an EVIL SPIRIT that was reluctant to crossover. Although I've passed several cemeteries in... Continue Reading →

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