FRIDAY Feature: 3AM

You're different, my dear - you have a gift. While others just turn their head, You lie awake, frozen at night, afraid to leave your bed. I try not to scare you, but please remember, I only get a short time to roam the halls, the rooms, the house - all of it used to... Continue Reading →

HER Spot

On this night, my mind woke up before my eyes. I hated that feeling. Wake up! I shouted in my head. I could feel the chill surrounding my body. It crawled along each one of my limbs.  I begged my eyes to open and when they did, I saw that my feet were firmly planted... Continue Reading →

I believe… do you?

It's no secret if you want my full, undivided, attention all you have to do is tell me a spooky story or something odd that's happened to you before. Maybe it's a story you heard from a distant relative once, or a best friend, a perfect stranger on the subway— I don't care where it... Continue Reading →

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