Do you want to play?

"Do you want to play?" she asked with her hair in her face and her knees all scuffed up. My little sister was cool, probably the coolest girl I knew. She liked to do her own thing, so when she asked me to play, I normally dropped what I was doing to follow her. She... Continue Reading →


It was dark. Why was I awake? My eyes clung to the piercing light from the closet. I remembered not to let them wander to the shadows that would be cast across our vacant room. Night after night, we insisted that the closet light stay on. Why? Because we were young. It would keep us... Continue Reading →

I believe… do you?

It's no secret if you want my full, undivided, attention all you have to do is tell me a spooky story or something odd that's happened to you before. Maybe it's a story you heard from a distant relative once, or a best friend, a perfect stranger on the subway— I don't care where it... Continue Reading →

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