FRIDAY Feature: The Boy Next Door

We pass by his house
late at night.
We see the glow
of the attic light.

The boy next door
is trapped up there.
We’ve seen him before;
but he just stares.

What does he want?
We don’t quite know.
For that reason,
our eyes stay low.

It’s gone on for days,
weeks, and MONTHS!
Even our mother
saw him once.

We asked his parents.
Surely, they knew.
They looked concerned.
They had no clue.

We have no kids,”
they went on to say.
Their words still
haunt me to this day.

An alternate ending:

Come to find out,
they actually did.
Locked in the attic
is where he hid.

Before too long,
they turned themselves in.
He was taken away
and never seen again.


I’ve always enjoyed playing with words and making up little rhymes and poems. I thought it would be a fun way to tell this week’s feature that’s inspired by the house I grew up next door to on Willow Street. Its attic window always gave me the creeps as it stared down at us in our backyard while we played.

Do YOU have a spooky story that you’d like to see featured? Send me an email at You can write your own story to be posted OR send me the spooky details and I’ll take a stab at it!

(c) 2018 Abbie Richey Butler
Photo supplied by Pixabay


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