HER Spot

On this night, my mind woke up before my eyes. I hated that feeling. Wake up! I shouted in my head. I could feel the chill surrounding my body. It crawled along each one of my limbs.  I begged my eyes to open and when they did, I saw that my feet were firmly planted on the floorboards. But I felt as though I was balancing in thin air.

Afraid to move a muscle, I shifted my eyes from side to side. I could feel waves of pin-pricks along my skin that flowed throughout my body. Where am I? I thought. My breathing became more rapid as I gave myself permission to look around. I lifted my eyes to reveal a bed just in front of me, my bed. Keeping my head still, I quickly glanced to the left to find my sister laying soundly in her bed. I let out the breath I had been keeping knowing that Kate was right there. My shoulders even dropped for a moment- until I realized where I stood…

In the middle of our room.

I was standing in HER spot!

PANIC set in and I felt the urge to run, to leap into my bed and protect myself with my covers. But my body wouldn’t move. It just stood there. In HER spot. My sister rolled over, surely she was awake. I reached out to her with my arm, but it lay hanging by my side. I was paralyzed. I swallowed hard as the closet door creaked open behind me and the light began to fill the room. It was dim, but I could see HER shape. She was coming for me—

With muffled cries, I screamed for help. I thrashed my arms and legs and tried to run. But my body couldn’t move. I was trapped there- IN HER SPOT!

Suddenly, a bright light shown from above and two arms wrestled me to the ground. We sat for several moments rocking, my mother and me.

“Oh, sweetheart. It’s okay. You were sleepwalking again,” she said.

I remember my little sister calling over from her bed to ask if I was okay. My mom assured us both that everything was fine and we needed to go back to bed.

-She didn’t know.

She tucked us in and kissed us good night. Soon, she was back in her room and we lay silent in the dark. I locked my eyes on the light from the closet as I spoke.

“Kate,” I whispered.  “… It happened again.”

I’ve created this page to share the spooky stories that made me— the haunted me—
Do you have a SPOOKY STORY to share? Email me at growinguphaunted@gmail.com — you know I want to hear it & maybe our readers will, too! – Abbie Richey Butler

(c) 2018 Abbie Richey Butler
Photo by omar alnahi from Pexels

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