I believe… do you?

It’s no secret if you want my full, undivided, attention all you have to do is tell me a spooky story or something odd that’s happened to you before. Maybe it’s a story you heard from a distant relative once, or a best friend, a perfect stranger on the subway— I don’t care where it came from, or if it’s even entirely true if it has to do with ghosts— you’ve got me! AND if you happen to have several to share, we might as well be BEST friends!

I was recently asked why I’m so drawn to the “ghost” world? Why my brain works in the way that it does? The person asking was my older sister, so it dawned on me that although we were brought up in the same house, by the same parents, and most likely gathered (relatively) the same childhood memories, her brain didn’t go there (Wait! What??)– when there was a bump in the night, she knew it was the heater kicking on. If a light was on when it shouldn’t be, perhaps someone had forgotten to turn it off.
Me, on the other hand, just knew, I always knew there was someone (or something) else there with us. I guess I had always assumed she did, too. Now, I’m not saying she doesn’t enjoy a good ghost story (she may very well be my first blog follower!), but what she pointed out to me so eloquently is that- NOT everyone believes in ghosts. (insert shocked emoji here).

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely met people who claim they don’t believe, but I’ve always just figured they were too scared to let their mind go there. My husband is one of those people with more “realistic/scientific” beliefs — he loves to tell me he doesn’t believe, with which I look around and remind the spirits that— I do! So there’s no need to show themselves to us later that night ;). —

I’ve created this page to share the spooky stories that made me— the haunted me—
Do you have a SPOOKY STORY to share? Email me at growinguphaunted@gmail.com — you know I want to hear it & maybe our readers will, too! – Abbie Richey Butler

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